Health + Wellness + Lifestyle Flex Benefits



Is your one‑size‑fits‑all employee benefits coverage too limited or too restrictive?

Do you ever wish you could tailor your plan to your unique situation?

Would you like your benefits to reflect your lifestyle and your values?

The Health + Wellness + Lifestyle Flex Benefits program introduces a modern benefits experience, empowering individual employees to personalize their own workplace plan and choose the benefits that reflect how they live life.

This program provides the following general benefits:

  • Access the benefits that matter most to you, your family, and your values, by using your allocated flex credits to design your own personalized benefits plan

  • Create more choice by choosing from a combination of traditional insurance, drug and dental, extended healthcare, holistic wellness, and lifestyle options

  • Optimize your health, wellness, and overall quality of life through unique benefits coverage that expands beyond the scope of what a traditional plan can offer, including mainstream, specialty, and niche options

  • Avoid wasting unnecessary hours at a medical clinic by using complimentary, on‑demand (24/7), real‑time access to healthcare professionals through text, video, and/or audio chat

  • Save time by accessing your benefits anytime, anywhere on a fast and convenient digital platform, including setup, claims, reimbursement, account information, and digital claims card

  • Save money by redeeming exclusive offers and discounts from online marketplace partners

This program provides the following cannabis-specific benefits:

  • Customize the cannabis insurance benefits and coverages that matter most to you, using your allocated flex credits

  • Medical Cannabis
    • Covers all conditions requiring a prescription for medical cannabis (subject to Cannabis Act/ACMPR regulations)
  • Cannabis for Wellness
    • Covers any cannabis products, as long as they are used for wellness purposes
    • A prescription or medical diagnosis is not required
  • Cannabis Services
    • Covers any cannabis-related services



Rachel | Overcoming Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Rachel is an application developer for a small tech company that specializes in wearable technology for senior home healthcare and monitoring. She has a promising career ahead of her, but lately, the pain and fatigue of her fibromyalgia is causing her to become distracted at work and call in sick often.

Her doctor prescribed medical cannabis for her symptoms, which has helped immensely, but the company's employee benefits plan would not cover her expenses due to a technicality in eligible health conditions. Rachel can't afford the new treatments, and wonders if she'll be able to continue to work.

A good friend told Rachel about the Health + Wellness + Lifestyle Flex Benefits program, and Rachel then introduced the program to the company's founder, Trevor. Rachel was surprised to hear that Trevor was considering cutting back on the current employee benefits plan because it was getting too expensive.

After Trevor met with a LivingWell consultant, he learned he could save around 28% of his current benefits plan costs by replacing it with the new type of employee benefits program, and still provide more value for the staff, at the same time!

Rachel received full coverage for her medical cannabis expenses, and went on to become one of Trevor's top employees!

Mirai | Balancing Wellness and Medical Coverage

Mirai is the director of marketing and sales at a real estate development corporation. With several family members relying on her support, Mirai knows her Health + Wellness + Lifestyle Flex Benefits employee plan must strike a balance between holistic wellness and traditional medical coverage.

Mirai allocated her flex credits into five categories:

  • Holistic wellness coverage for her Ayurvedic massage and Ayurvedic herbal remedies

  • Education coverage for her executive coaching program fees

  • Drug and dental coverage to cover the costs of her husband's diabetes medication

  • Attendant care coverage for her mom, who is receiving better care in a private-pay dementia care village than she would in a government-subsidized facility

  • Prescription medical cannabis to help alleviate her mom's dementia symptoms

Elena | Hectic Schedule and Tight Budget

Elena is a technology instructor for children learning the basics of computer programming, video game development, and robotics. Although the hours are long, her work is very rewarding, especially when it comes to empowering the next generation of young girls to thrive in traditionally male-dominated industries.

As a single mom with a hectic schedule and a tight budget, Elena is grateful her Health + Wellness + Lifestyle Flex Benefits employee plan helps her stay healthy and grounded by covering 100% of the costs of vitamins, supplements, CBD nutraceuticals, and visits to her naturopathic doctor and massage therapist. Her plan also fully covered the costs of dental checkups and glasses for her daughter.

As a dog lover, Elena was surprised to find out her plan also covered her pet care expenses, including vet bills, dog food, doggy daycare, and even CBD oil for her dog's arthritis!

One night, Elena's daughter woke her up at 2am, complaining about headaches, dizziness, and a high fever. Elena knew that they would be waiting at least several hours at the hospital to see a doctor, but luckily she remembered she could access a live doctor 24 hours a day on her phone through the benefits app. After a quick consultation by video chat, the doctor sent in a prescription for Elena's daughter, along with free medication delivery.

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Optional Company-Funded Add-Ons

  • Life Insurance

    • Provides tax-free funding to your family to safeguard against financial hardship

  • Cancer and Illness Funding Program

    • Provides tax-free, flexible, lump-sum funding for expenses that the Canadian public healthcare system does not cover

    • Protects your life savings, safeguards against medical bankruptcy, and provides treatment and support options

  • Income Continuation Program

    • Provides continuous monthly funding to cover your lost income, recovery expenses, mortgage payments, ongoing bills, and other living expenses, until you are well enough to return to work

    • Protects your life savings and safeguards against medical bankruptcy

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

    • Provides you and your family with confidential, short-term support with issues relating to work, health, and life

    • Sample services include counselling, health coaching, legal support, and financial planning

  • Best Doctors Program

    • Provides complimentary access to a network of the top medical specialists and consultants in the world who will provide you and your family with an in-depth analysis, second opinion, and a personalized treatment plan for any illness or condition

  • Other Programs

    • Our Funding Strategies Consultants will work with your employer to customize other add-ons as needed

Optional Employee-Funded Add-Ons

  • High Expense Claims

    • While company-funded benefits are great, they rarely provide enough coverage for all your specific needs

    • We have numerous optional add-on programs that can provide peace-of-mind coverage for your high expense claims

    • Contact a Funding Strategies Consultant to customize a plan for you and your family



Program Coverage Details

  • Coverage Amounts

    • You choose the coverage categories to be included in your personal workplace employee benefits plan

    • You choose the coverage amounts for each category, up to your allocated flex credit limit

    • Allocated flex credit limits are set by your employer or employee benefits plan administrator

  • Coverage Eligibility

    • Covers you, your spouse/common-law partner, children, and other dependents living in your home

    • Covers dependent parents and other dependent relatives living in a care centre in Canada

    • Other dependents include parents, siblings, and other relatives, related by blood or marriage, who cannot care for themselves and rely on your financial support (some restrictions apply)

  • Pre-Existing Conditions

    • Eligible for coverage under most categories

    • Exceptions: the Cancer and Illness Funding and Income Continuation programs do not cover pre-existing conditions

    • Contact a Funding Strategies Consultant to explore alternative coverage options for these exceptions

Cannabis Insurance Coverage Details

  • Medical Cannabis

    • Covers all conditions requiring a prescription for medical cannabis (subject to Cannabis Act/ACMPR regulations)

    • Covered conditions can range from "soft medical" (anxiety, insomnia, depression) to "hard medical" (MS, neuropathic pain, cancer treatments)

    • Covers 100% of medical cannabis expenses, up to your flex credit limit

    • Guaranteed coverage with no restrictions or caps, regardless of your (or your family member's) health history or current medical conditions

  • Cannabis for Wellness

    • Covers any cannabis products, as long as they are used for wellness purposes

    • Covered wellness products can include cannabis, cannabis oils, cannabis derivatives, cannabis-infused products, nutraceuticals, and more

    • Covered wellness purposes can include stress relief, reducing mild pain, restful sleep, fitness enhancement, and more

    • A prescription or medical diagnosis is not required

  • Cannabis Services

    • Covers any cannabis-related services

    • Covered services can include consultations, workshops, wellness retreats, cannabis + yoga, CBD for pet care, and more

Built-In Additional Benefits

  • Multiple Plan Integration Benefit: If your spouse/common-law partner is employed at a company that has a traditional benefits plan, this benefit enables you to combine the Health + Wellness + Lifestyle Flex Benefits program with a spousal plan. This plan integration provides you with the Top-Up Benefit and the Comprehensive Coverage Benefit.

  • Top-Up Benefit: Enables you to cover expenses that exceed the limits (including annual limits, per-visit limits, co-insurance, and deductibles) of your spouse/common-law partner's plan.

  • Comprehensive Coverage Benefit: Enables you to cover expenses that are not included in your spouse/common-law partner's plan.



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